• Natur The - økologisk timian the / Eco herbal thyme tea

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    Denne økologiske timian the er håndplukket på de tyrkiske bjerge Ida & Taurus.

    Timiantheen er helbredende overfor:

    • Mikrobiologiske sygdomme, grundet de antiseptiske egenskaber
    • Helbredende overfor astma og bronkitis
    • God mod fordøjelses problemer
    • Rigtig god mod hovedpine/mavepine
    • Fjerner nervøs stres
    • Hjælper til vægttab

     Der er 20 blomsterkviste i en pakke.

    Eco herbal thyme tea

    Ecological herb tea served delicate and beautiful.
    Traditionally grown and picked by hand in Turkey, the wild plants used in Le Bénéfique’s Sultan herbal teas are presented in their natural form as stems. The plants are certified organic and do not undergo processing – they are simply picked, dried and packed so that you can enjoy the many health benefits they offer.

    • Prevents from a great number of infections thanks to its antiseptic characteristics.
    • Is used to relieve lung diseases, asthma and bronchitis.
    • Is effective against headaches and an upset stomach.
    • Is a good antiseptic preventing most infections of the digestive system.
    • Is effective against bruises, sprains and swellings.
    • It is effective against brain inflammation, gout and rheumatic diseases.
    • It calms the nerves and regulates the endocrine function.
    • It is effective in case of insomnia.
    • It helps lose weight

    Contains 20 stems per pack.
    Perfect as a host gift.

Natur The - økologisk timian the / Eco herbal thyme tea

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